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My Work Is Being Displayed in a Cubicle!

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Greetings stitchers!

Recently I let my Roy and Moss piece go to a good home, and he was nice enough to send me in a picture of it! You can still stitch your own by following the link to the pattern above.

Roy And Moss Geeking in a Cubicle

Geeking Out

In other news, I have brought all my stitching gear back out and attempted to draw a new bookmark pattern. You should see some new stuff up soon. In the meantime, let me know if you have any ideas for patterns! I would love to do some requests.

Edit: I have one request I am working on now, adding Jen into the Roy and Moss pattern. This should be up this week sometime.

Till next time, Happy Stitching everyone!

Categories: Fan Art, Life


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