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Super Mario Power-ups!

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I am addicted to making these bookmarks now. Here is a Super Mario bookmark with the same Scottish stitch as the Moss Bookmark I did the other day.

My last bookmark sold rather fast, so I put this one up on Etsy as well if anyone is interested in it. You can request one at Etsy! Mario Power-ups Bookmark. I am also taking custom orders still, so get a hold of me if you want something personalized done.

I would love to see some more finished stitchings. You can find the pattern download below if you wish to make your own bookmark. (right click the link and “save as”)

Mario Power UP's

Mario Items (PDF)

All my other projects are still on hold pending my floss order. I get it from a seller in China now, its dirt cheap but the shipping time takes forever. Till next time, Happy Stitching everyone!


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